Company Profile

Founded in 1944 Sandstrom Carbide Products pioneered Tungsten Carbide draw die and standard brazed lathe tool production technology. In the late fifties we expanded into the use of electrical discharge machining, both ram machines and electrical discharge grinding.  Over time we expanded our capacity to include surface and cylindrical grinding.  We also have CNC milling capabilities and soon will be adding CNC grinding and turning equipment. We have converted many conventional parts to carbide parts.

For your production facilities, our goal is to provide carbide parts that will reduce the cost of your production.

For equipment you sell, we feel our greatest strength is extending the time between service intervals of the machines you sell. Making your equipment a better value for you customers.

We will aid you in converting existing parts to longer life carbide parts.

Latest News

With the recent acquisition of several computer controlled solid state induction furnaces, Sandstrom Carbide has the ability for large production runs for brazed wear tiles and parts. 

Experience, Quality, On-Time Delivery
Grade Selection

With over 1300 grades of carbides availabe, our experience can help guide you through the selection process. 
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